I realise that most of you people who are reading this right now believe that the word 'everything' is a noun (which it is), but also that you know why the word everything means everything. Well, since it is a pretty important word (especially here), I though it is about time we all knew the word's origins.

'Everything' is actually a verb, everyth , in present progressive (like 'Running' or 'Emancipating'). The verb itself has disappeared from the English language, and all that remains is its p.p.

Everyth comes from the Hebrew word 'Ivrith', which is the Hebrew name for Hebrew. Much like Latin for Christians, Hebrew (Ivrith) was the language of knowledge for Hebrews. While daily activities were conducted in the language of the country, studying was done in Hebrew, and studying became known as 'Ivrithing'.

"What are you doing?", parents would ask their children.
"Ivrithing.", they replied.

Of course, the children would answer "Ivrithing." for everything, and it could not be helped that the word would be thus incorporated into the English language.