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Well I'm just lurking around actually...
Display technologies, lucid dreaming, core logic chipsets, combustion engines, airplanes, eland test, web site scripting languages, ... A bit (and I do say a bit) of everyting. Get it?
Groept T Leuven institute of technology, Belgium
He who lurks shall not stay a lurker forever. In fact, he has already created a couple of allmost-decent nodes.
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Hi, this is me.

I am FloRizla, better known as Floris Lambrechts. If you want to see me, come look for me in Leuven, Belgium. This node at Everything shows that I am now a (however only occasional) noder.

I am an editor over at (I'm with the Dutch team). Dutch is my mother language, but I can also express myself in English, French and German.

Some of my better writeups: Saab, iMac, eland test, Dell, high pressure diesel injection, XServe. More to follow, to be sure. And in decent quality from now on, I promise.

Further info will be put here at request.