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Hello. Long time reader, though I've only these past few months been noding. This place is really great, you know? All kinds of fascinating things all around everywhere, don't you agree? Thought you might.

I'm a Compute Science major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I'm considering minoring in philosophy. I like to think in abstractions, which may be what has drawn me to the subject of game theory, which I'd like to focus on more. I live in a townhouse about a mile off campus, and the property I live on is split between Baltimore City and Baltimore County: litterally, I park in the county and sleep in the city, and I can show you the dividing line between the two. Living on the border like that gives a somewhat eldritch... fey feeling to life, but then, you can get used to anything if you ignore it long enough.

Since I'm invariably asked about it eventually....

Roleplaying character name from years and year ago. I basically muddled up a common word until it was reasonably different and unique:

Fire <-- Starting Point
Fier <-- Swap Two Letters, Realize that this new word is pronounced the same as the old word.
Fieare <-- Pronounce the last consonant litterally, Fie-"R"
Fieari <-- Change that silent e ending to a long e, and spell it accordingly.

And there you have it! As a side note, the roleplaying character Fieari's full name is Fieari Kei'lin Pheonix. The middlename was made up out of whole cloth, and in a pretend language that doesn't exist even as a conlang, means "Beloved Life". The last name obviously stemms from the mythical bird, but the astute amongst you will have noted that it is spelled incorrectly. This is because, years and years ago, when I first made the character, I didn't know how to spell it correctly. Later, when I learned, I decided to keep the incorrect spelling (rationalizing that its a name after all, and names can have wierd idiocyncrasies like these) and change the pronounciation to match.

Since I've since made further characters from the same family, many of whom are further UP in the family tree... older characters of the family spell the name slightly more phonetically: Fyeonix.