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I've always found E2 useful for quick factual information, often written at a convenient level, not too technical. And of course there are all the other things here to distract you. So I've joined now to update several topics that are seriously out of date, since they pre-dated the DNA revolution in phylogeny. But I won't be filling in all the nodes for new terms mentioned in them, such as Rhizaria, Malpighiales, and Laurasiatheria. Feel free.

Here are my noded topics placed in a crude Tree of Life:

  • Bacteria
  • Archaea
  • eukaryotes
    • archaeplastids
      • rhodophytes
      • plants
    • chromalveolates
    • excavates
    • Rhizaria
    • unikonts
      • Amoebozoa
      • Fungi
      • animals
        • sponges
        • Cnidaria
        • protostomes
        • deuterostomes
          • echinoderms
          • chordates
            • cartilaginous fish
            • ray-finned fish
            • tetrapods

I just clicked on Random Nodeshells and got these two together:
sometimes during the rainy season they find bones in the gardens
How zombies eat poetry