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It all started back in the mid '60's. What was originally a gleam (leer?) in my fathers’ eye became a strapping 10-pound baby boy with oversized feet. And yes, they had pictures to prove it. Of me, not the consummation. (Those were destroyed and denied vehemently) From there things went along, as most dysfunctional families will, carrying on dysfunctional family activities, raising dysfunctional yard apes, and making sure that the dysfunctional line would not be broken. Or so they thought. I am the middle of three children. My older sister and younger brother have thus far not perpetuated the dysfunctional line, and I doubt seriously that I ever will. I grew up in a small midwestern town with a cop for a pop and a mother who was in ill health most of my remembered childhood. I was an odd ball then, and I suppose I still am (although, I have learned the social skills to get by). I was the one who always hung out with the misfits. Somehow, I just had a heart for the ones who didn't fit. I wanted to be friends with them. I figured all the rest of the kids had friends. In doing so, I effectively cut myself off from the mainstream and watched life from the outer fringes. In many ways, it made me a better person. I think it challenged my idea of what should and should not be acceptable. I gained a much more tolerant attitude toward people in general. When I finally graduated from High School, I went on to go to college, but due to a lack of direction and finances, I dropped out in my junior year. My major in college was marketing/finance, so I continued in the banking field for 5 years and after a 10 year stint in a factory, I landed in the mortgage lending field where I am happily losing the rest of my mind. That pretty much brings us up to date. You will find that I have a little bit different viewpoint than most, although, I guess that has to do with the base of people you compare me to. I am open to new ideas and like to consider the possibilities.