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No point in a bio, I haven't begun to live. I'm a fan of towels, cake, zombies, dead baby jokes, music, cute Finnish fiddlers, indie kids, the boy I love who isn't mine, my friends who think he's a douche-bag, 42, getting out of high school, moving out, working on the radio, and gay/bi orgies.
I'm not a fan of hip-hop and this modern country-pop shit you hear on the radio.
I dislike wearing bright colors, being called a goth for wearing black (though I was the closest thing my school had to a goth), Christianity, homophobes, my step-dad, jocks, people who think or act like they know the whole story, how much I've said.

I'm a girl, I'm an atheist, my politics toggle between anarchy and a bizarre mish-mash of socialism and libertarianism (but NOT socialist-libertarianism) I'm 18 as of November 2006, and I love/hate you.