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mission drive within everything
Recover lost data from my dead brain
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I have lost my old Everything account.
Every time y reinstall my windose i lost information.. Even when i try to install a new
linux box, i lost some data... I play drums, i never record what i play, i write
poetry on paper i forgot everywhere. Everytime i got an amazing idea, it has been
made before by someone with name. I remember the cuantum phisics case..
Anyway.. Data and more data// I remember how many lines of
345 DATA "0010101001010" i have written... And it is almost lost.
Is more what we loose than what we earn in life...
The data flow is always a reciprocal thing... You can not loose if u have nothing
to give.
I miss my guitar.....
I miss my ex girlfriend too...

"A things that ais not on the public sight, is often capable of desapearing"

(I accept grammar corrections)