This is simple. When everybody hates you and your friends. When they misunderstand everything about you. When everybody picks on you, because they can, and you're different. When the only attention you get is from people suffering the same persecution as yourself. When you and your friends talk about the cruelty and unfairness being dealt to you, over and over, multiplying every offense. Medication? Genetics? Video games? You all missed it. Being continually picked on and laughed at, humiliated, and made to be ashamed of everything about yourself. When you have no pride, no self worth, and nothing left to hang on to. When the rage at the endless assaults, the loneliness of not having anyone care about you, and the apparent hopelessness that nothing is ever getting any better grow to be more than you can stand. What have you got to lose?

That's what's happening. Nobody's stepping in to help these kids, instead they're getting branded as "dangerous children" and treated like criminals. Yeah, that will help reduce the isolation.