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Born in Michigan in 1977, Enoch has a tendency towrad the ethereal, supernatural, spiritual, and intrspective. Enoch's life has been about his quest to deepen and more fully understand his realtionship to himself, the world, and his creator. This quest can only be satisfied through exprience.

When seven years old, Enoch's father was killed in a car accident. The driver who hit his father was never found. Enoch had much anger and rage inside from this tragedy.

In his early twenties, Enoch had a radical encounter with God and finally felt, completely, without any hinderance, a close, viceral relationship with Jesus Christ. Enoch was able to release his anger and frustration and ultimately forgive the stranger who killed his father.

Since that day, in the Summer of '99, Enoch has struggled intensely with the demons of his past life. Ultimately he is victorious, but the devil is persistant.
The Peace of Christ still prevails.