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I'm out of a job. I am also the main title and subject of a Pavement song. It's one of my favorite songs ever basically, it's really nicely paced and its basically a story about a guy named Edward Franklin Aims who killed a cheif investigators aunt. And me the real person here, well i'm Daniel Hesitantly Coxon Ryder. I like this song, so i used it as my name here, and if you have a problem with that, ha, ha. Pavement is my favorite band as well as The Stone Roses., blur and a lot of other bands. I live in Eagle Rock which is in Los Angeles, i was born in 1980 and i dont drive but i play golf and hockey.

October 2, 2002: I check this webpage once a year and dig dug ate my balls used to be the best way to post but now it's all about these damn dictionary definitions which I think is just wrong. A lot of the humor is gone, but hey what can I do. Things mutate when you leave them left alone in a laboratory. I could have had it all.

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