Breast milk is best... why would you not want to breast feed?? I am going to breast feed my kids (when I have kids) unless it's medically impossible or something like that. I have been in public places with other females, like myself, where there was a woman breast feeding. The females I was with criticized the woman for it. I think there was nothing wrong with it. I will concede that if I was in some situation where I was making people very uncomfortable, then I might not breast feed in that location.

From what I know and have been told, breast feeding creates a bond between mother and child... I think that is a very important part of motherhood. Babies that drink breast milk have an easier transition to solid foods than babies that drink formula. This makes sense since breast milk will change from day to day depending on how the mother changes (in her eating habits amoung other thing), whereas formula is always the same.

I do realize that breast feeding may create problems for the mother in most cases. I am willing to make this sacrifice for my children, though. Children are little pieces of their parents and should be treated as well as possible.

Women should be encouraged more (not just by their doctors, but by society in general) to breast feed their children. I have lived in and been to other countries where breast feeding a social norm and not a big deal at all. This is the way it should be.