Battlefield 2
Release date: 6/21/2005
Produced By: EAgames
Category: Shooter
Game Rating: RP

Battlefield 2 is first person shooter PC game produced by EAgames. Battlefield 2 is the new sequel to Battlefield 1942. The new Battlefield allows players to fight on the frontlines of modern warfare with the most high tech weapons and vehicles.

The game has more than thirty vehicles that players can use in the major, modern conflict. Those vehicles include: tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, fast attack vehicles, and hovercraft. With up to 64 players playing at once, Battlefield 2 creates some of the largest multiplayer battles online. In the modern battlefield players can choose to be the United States, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition. There are different soldier classes for players to chose from including Assault, Special Ops, Sniper, Combat Engineer, Medic, Heavy Weapons, and Anti-Tank units. Players also have the ability to increase their rank starting as a recruit all the way up to a general.

Battlefield 2 has highly detailed maps. Players can fight in downtown city streets or in remote forests. Every map adjusts in size depending on how many players are playing. A new feature measures weapons ability to fire through material based on what they are made up of. Players will step up and learn to find cover and the best barriers to hide behind. A new Battlefield feature lets players fight on the front lines or play in Commander mode to crate strategic assaults for their teammates.

Resources include: EA Games and Gamespot