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I have been in school for 23 consecutive years. Sometimes in concurrent graduate programs.

I am a glutton for punishment.

I may, however, be at the end of my tenure at the wonderful arm pit of the world. I won't get too excited about it though, because that means getting out of the lunacy of the academic world and either finding a real job, or continuing at another institution of higher lunacy.

I am one of those strange women that you meet that is good at science and math. I like computers, and am a dedicated mac geek. I wear socks with my birkenstocks. My husband takes longer in the bathroom in the morning than I do. I carry a leatherman around with me. I work in a lab with all women, but am sometimes an 'honorary guy'.

I wanna move to Chicago.My husband used to live there. The person that I want to do some post-doctoral research happens to be there. of my favorite movies has been flimed there.

Current Books that I am Reading (or listening to as the case may be):

On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.

Salt (no...seriously, I think that it is written by the same guy that wrote Cod) This book was given to me by my oh so excellent Secret Santa this past holiday season!

Books that I don't own, but would like to read as I am too lazy to go to the library, or pay my fines:


Toast, not written by the guy that wrote Cod, but I think that his name is nigel

Titles that I think need a write-up: