The game of Go has a lot of terminology to simplify discussion of basic concepts and board positions. There is a Japanese word for almost everything in the game, while equivalents exist for many of them in a variety of different languages.

I will attempt to create an incomplete, but useful list of common terms in Go, using the English words where they exist, and the Japanese where they don't. (December 11, 2002): Just added VAG's nodes to my list, including some people and tournaments.

Not all of these have a node, but I'll work on making them.

Basic Concepts (English words):

Basic Concepts (Japanese words):



Opening Points:





Internet Servers:


Of course, Go being the complicated game it is, there are many more terms, people, etc.. Other Go players should feel free to /msg me if they create nodes for other terms not listed here.

Note: I've noticed that someone else has already created a Japanese Go Terms node. You might want to check that out, as well.