The Nine Inch Nails song "Suck" was originally created by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor with Pigface and appeared on Pigface's Gub album (released in 1990). Reznor also co-wrote the song "The Bushmaster" on that release. Pigface creates industrial music and has an ever-changing line-up of musicians involved from song to song. Martin Atkins started Pigface and is always involved.

The Pigface version of the song is much different from the Nine Inch Nails version. The Pigface version's main focus is on the drums and vocals, while the version Reznor recreated for the Nine Inch Nails release Broken in 1992 added heavy guitar riffs and put more emphasis on feelings of anger. After each screaming of "how does it feel" on the Pigface version, Reznor adds "suck suck suck" in a quieter voice. This is missing from the version on Broken, though has appeared in live Nine Inch Nails performances of the song.

For a short time, copies of Broken featured a smaller, 3 inch disc in addition to the normal 5 inch disc. "Physical (You're So)" and "Suck" both appeared on the smaller disc, with the rest of Broken's songs on the larger one. Now the two songs appear as secret tracks (tracks 98 and 99, respectively) on the same CD as the rest, though aren't listed on the track list.