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A paradoxical entity, female (see also geekgrrl) variety, living in a small apartment in Greeley, Colorado, and employed in the hell that is technical support. She's responsible for various unusual writeups like the Miyu and Larva. nodes for Vampire Princess Miyu. Believer in shameless self promotion, beer (see also Guinness, compare vodka), anime and Quake. Avid user of Linux, reader of User Friendly, and regular denizen of #userfriendly. Addicted to caffe.ine. Thinks making as many hard links as possible in a single node is a Good Thing, and is trying her hardest to singlehandedly be the largest force in the upcoming Everything Turf War. Plays EverQuest with biodork, DarkWalker, snowdrake. and phantange, and spends way too much of her time at The Asylum.

Long live free association.

You know nate has way too much free time when he writes documents like Realize your connection with the Infinite.