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mission drive within everything
Conspicuous Consumption and making sure my descendants are rich and powerful
Biology, Chemistry
University of Limerick, Ireland
Better the depressing truth than a beautiful lie
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February 28, 2004
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Irish college student in the University of Limerick, repeating 2nd yearBiochemistry, 20 at present. Black hair, bluegray eyes, 1.8m tall, straight male. I'm addicted to Weird Fiction (SF, fantasy and horror) and have far too broad a taste in music, basically I like almost everything but Country and Western.

I have a nation, Ottar, at If you want to e-mail me send it to baer at skynet(notthisbitbetween brackets).ie

A picture of me ,yes I really am so shallow that I use hotornot, but hey I've actually made a friend through it so it's all good