Saigon High Chair Pirates: [im]pulse

Originally recorded May 2002 by SHCP.
Album: Discography, 2004, Amoebic Productions
Music: J. Erm
Lyrics: Tom Dissonance


The lust for the purchase set your heart racing
The value on offer got you salivating
The advertising looked so fine
And pleaded, tempted you to buy
Consumer ideal you'll be forever chasing

Whatever you want, you got it
Whatever you need, you got it
At whatever the cost, you got it
Whatever you want, you got it

And you keep all your worries and doubts at bay
By joining in the line to pick and pay
The market answers questions you never knew you had
Keeps your lifeblood flowing day by day

Repeat chorus x3 to end

About [im]pulse

One of the biggest questions is: why the square brackets around the 'im'? From the horse's mouth:
The brackets issue: The music was written before the lyric and originally had a much more rattling, rhythmic beat. The lyrics essentially an extended metaphor between the 'pulse' of the body, the trance of the supermarket, and the joy of the impulse purchase. The brackets were trying to preserve the metaphor which is still present in the lyrics as they were written with the rattling beat in mind. Also, we're really big fans of brackets... I just love punctuation, really.

--Tom Dissonance

It's an ironic look at how buying products has been eroticised, turned into something which is both necessary for individuals day to day existance, brings a false hope of joy which is seldom, if ever fulfilled, of how it attempts to fill the shopper's inner lonelyness with merchandise, how the shopper is urged on by a skilled practitioner of the practical aspects of human psychology.

On the copyright issue

How the fuck can you stake a claim of ownership to intangible patterns of sound?! Duplicate, imitate, replicate, eradicate, masturbate, Mercyful Fate (for non-profit, non-fascistic purposes) at will, shitface. We don't give a crap.

-- Propagandhi sleevenotes, How to Clean Everything, 1993

-- quoted by Tom Dissonance, 2004.

More to the point, Tom's told me I can node it. And upload it onto my university file space, and let all you lucky people hear what it sounds like.

And if you're looking for more Saigon High Chair Pirate sounds, try looking for sky_baby on SoulSeek and asking him nicely for a download. Or leave him a /msg and see if you can persuade him to send you a nice shiny CD. Oh, and a special bonus is a available at ...