This amazing track comes from Blackalicious' album Blazing Arrow. Blackalicious is often known for their uniqueness, and this song makes a perfect example. The instrumental portion was written by Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, with the lyrics later recorded by Gift of Gab. As the song progresses Cut Chemist makes erratic transitions among the style, tempo, and type of beat. Throughout the madness of these changes, however, Gift of Gab manages to match the syncopation and tempo perfectly while he raps about various chemicals, elements, and scientific principles. The effect is both very funky and very enjoyable.

*You will note that the lyrics, when read, do not flow well at all. This is due to the aformentioned insane rhythm. It is much better to listen to. For another example of an interesting song by Blackalicious, see Alphabet Aerobics.

10-25-2003: Lyrics have been removed to comply with E2 copyright changes. If you would still like to see my transcription just /msg. =)

*This is quite a difficult song to transcribe. As far as I know, this is the most complete and accurate transcription of this song available online; compiled, corrected, and edited from many sources (who did not know very much chemistry) and from my own listening. In the last moments of the song, the tempo is sped up to a manic pace and the words are indecipherable to me and everyone else I know (hence the question marks). If you have experience with chemistry, please feel free to /msg me with suggestions/corrections to the above lyrics, or to help with transcription of the final moments of the song. Any and all help is very much appreciated!