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General geekery, philosophy.
It could be worse. In fact, it *will*.
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Let's start from the beginning. And in the beginning, there was Chaos. Erm, never mind...
Let's start from a basic fact: I am a freak. I am a wierdo and freak. In fact, I am a proffesional freak.
And now for something completely different: I am a Douglas Adams fan, a Pratchett fan and a Monty Python fan. Works together pretty nice, eh? I never leave my faithy towel around. My favorite quote is "No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!". I am an average Rincewind model. Yes, this is pretty chaotically thrown around, but it's my way of being. I love the Garfield comics. DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt any serious conversation with me, unless you have a strong will or have alreadly attempted suicide before. Thank you.