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Privacy: An overrated concept in today's society.

Currently, one of the major concerns of the general public seems to be invasion of privacy. "If Intel has a serial number on the PIII, they can find out what web sites I went to!", "If. my doctor takes a blood test, he might find out that I am ill!", "Someone might be intercepting and reading my e-mail!". My response to all of these is: "So What? How is that really going to hurt you? And more importantly, who cares about you?" &.People have incredibly overinflated opinions of themselves to think that it makes any difference in my life if they talk to their friends about flowers, Full House, Music, or Child Pornography. Frankly, nobody cares. In an attempt to remain brief, I wil.l simply close in saying, privacy is unimportant in most cases, because someone else knowing won't hurt you, and they probably don't care anyway.