An Alan Parsons Project album from 1978, when they were still doing concept albums. It's about, as the title suggests, the pyramids:

From the rise and fall of an ancient dynasty, to the quest for a key to unlock the secrets of the universe, this album seeks to amplify the haunting echoes of the past and explore the unsolved myseries of the present. Pyramid... the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.

The concept is carried through the album pretty well, although at times it's hard to see the connection between the lyrics and anything vaguely related to pyramids.Musically, the album is reminiscient of I Robot, although there are hints of the more straight-forward musical style on later Alan Parsons Project records.

Released in 1978 on Arista
Produced by Alan Parsons
All songs by Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson.

Side 1:

Voyager (instrumental) (2:24)
What Goes Up (3:31)
The Eagle Will Rise Again (4:20)
One More River (4:15)
Can't Take It With You (5:06)

Side 2:

In The Lap Of the Gods (instrumental) (5:27)
Pyramania (2:45)
Hyper-Gamma-Spaces (instrumental) (4:19)
Shadow Of A Lonely Man (5:34)