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Writing saved me from the sin and inconvenience of violence.--Alice Walker
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Hi, I'm a horror writer who welcomes any website that allows me to procrastinate on my novel while letting me feel productive. I've founded a writing group and work with some talented writers. In the past, I've enjoyed seeing the information on this site and finally decided to join. I'm excited to be able to contribute. When I write, I retain knowledge better, so I'm sure this will be a beneficial experience for me.

My current novel features Molech as the main baddie, hence my second writeup for this site (since it was about one of my characters, it doesn't really count as procrastination, right?) I'm not really religious, but it occured to me that the writeup might indicate that I am. I do believe that religion lends itself well to the horror fiction genre.

If you don't like something or believe I'm incorrect, please let me know. I'm a very level-headed person and won't take it personally. This is a learning experience for me and I'll pick a topic then research it to complete the writeup (yes, I was the nerdy kid in college whose idea of a great Friday night was spending time researching in the library). I'll be the first to admit that I make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Way too many mistakes. At least I'm blonde, so I can blame the hair for my stupidity.

There is a reason why I have no life. In 1997, I was the passenger in a car that was rear-ended by an SUV. I went to doctors who failed to perform the necessary diagnostic tests to locate any damage from whiplash, despite numbness in my fingers. Later, after developing a number of symptoms of a devastating injury, it was discovered that I have damage to the facet joints in my neck. The damage causes nearly constant migraines and this, combined with clinical depression, makes it nearly impossible for me to be reliable enough to hold a job.

I'm the parent with custody of my six year old daughter (not looking forward to the menstruation discussion), a sexual deviant and a variety of other things that defy our natural desire to label. I'm an ex marketing major who realized at the last minute that life is too short to spend doing something you hate. Now, I spend my time writing, researching a variety of topics on the Internet, and taking care of my child.