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To get real criticism and not the sugar-coated crap force-fed to me by my friends and family.
Poetry, creative writing, and random ramblings.
The Department of the Damned
Life is a house of mirrors.
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A sixteen-year-old "gothic" female from Spokane, Washington. My trichotillomania and depression have caused many to think that I am certifiably insane, but I don't see it as a curse. Without my rather explosive emotional tendancies, I would never have found writing to be my life's passion. You may draw your conclusions that I am society's stereotypical "goth" -- adorned in black, prancing around and shrieking "Ave Satanas!" at churchgoers, sacrificing goats to Satan at midnight on the full moon, bringing an AK-47 to school and executing my classmates, constantly threatening suicide for the sake of may blame it on my parents, my friends, the music I listen to, the video games I play, the shows I watch on television...and every time you express that opinion, I will bluntly announce that you do not know what you are talking about. I hope that through my writings and ramblings I will be able to disprove the rumors surrounding "goths" and other persons wandering the realms of the avant garde and display that I am a rather intelligent, open-minded, and enlightened human being.