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I was born 8 August 1979. At that point I barely had feet, so my shoe size was kind of irrelevant. As the years progressed, and I started to wear shoes, their sizes increased periodically.

By the time I hit primary school, I was probably wearing about a size 5 shoe. This, as I am sure you must have already guessed, caused me no end of trouble! But since this is a topic for another node, I will leave it up to you imagination for the meanwhile.

Anyway, the years started passing at what seemed like a faster and faster rate, and eventually I ended up wearing size nine and a half shoes (nine sometimes, but it depends on the style of shoe). So now I am 22 years old and quite comfortable with my shoe size since it hasn't changed in the last 4 to 5 years.

I have also grown accustomed to my often senseless babble, which has made me a much better friend with myself.

If, by chance, my shoe size does change through some freak accident or "experimental" drug, I will be sure to update my bio. So make sure you check back regularly.