i remember the days when you were happy, i could see it in you eyes

we ran and played like little kids, like stupid fireflies.

beaten up and scared by life, abused and used like your father's battered wife

i didn't think it'd go that way, i didn't know you'd use that knife.

i write these dark things to get forgiveness maybe

but nothing i get, only your hate for me.

why she was taken from us i can't say, i'll never comfort or fill that hole,

i thought i'd try and take that pain, but then i lost your soul.

their backs are turned once again, a slip from grace my friend

the dagger that had pierced my heart has come back once again.

these steps you've taken havn't solved a thing, an unwise move to breach your trust

if only i knew the pain i'd bring.

but back to where i've started here, a trip to memories lost

a simple kid with larger dreams, a friendship that has cost.