Feminine looking actor, if you can call him that. Leonardo DiCaprio (or as I like to call him, Leonardo DiCrapio) is an actor who made it big in Titanic, but has starred in numerous other movies before. Interestingly, nobody has ever heard of them. They have something to do with grapes and basketballs, last time I heard.

The rise of this person in the entertainment industry can be explained by the change in preferences of 14 year old teeny boppers in America. Whereas in Brazil, he has always been liked because his whitish, pale and bony appearance apparently is different from the darker skinned men in the region. However, polls in America show that the average teeny bopper prefers guys that are pale, skinny and sick-looking nowadays. As compared to before, where figures such as Harrison Ford and Sean Connery embodied handsome, being the traditional definition of the term. I guess culture has changed.

Apparently, he is as despised inside the entertainment industry as well. Claire Danes described him as "very immature". Kate Winslet flirted with him briefly to increase her status, then called him "childish". Panned by critics and men everywhere, his only solid fanbase seems to be the endless mobs of crazed adolescent girls between ages 12 and 15.

Today, when he isn't acting (snicker), he travels around the world partying with his posse of brainless friends. Rumor has it that several resorts around the world are refusing to let him in any more because of his reckless behavior. IMHO, this is one person who is heading toward the sink. I expect him to burn out and lapse into insignificance within the next 5 years. Then again, they said that about John Travolta too some time ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he returns. Oh boy. I can't wait.

Recently did a ridiculous little publicity stunt with President Clinton. Doesn't that say something about both Clinton and the entertainment industry? Sick, sick, sick. I liked Uberfetus' parody immensely.