I hate to disappoint.

Chinese democracy is a term thrown around in radical movements, the American Congress, and other groups as something China should immediately install. Obviously demanding the impossible, as these people know full well that:

  • China is the most populous nation on Earth, and one of the largest geographically. Over 70% of the nation lives in hard-to-reach rural villages. To install democracy immediately is impossible, never mind a year. For an example of what would result, see India's pseudo-democracy.
  • Democracy is slowly being installed at the low levels of government. Since China has never been a democracy, the whole concept is quite alien. Better the people get used to it slowly instead of exposing them to the sudden shock effect. See Russia.
Hence, people who are advocating Chinese democracy are either an anti-Chinese politician, or a blind idealist. By demanding the popular impossibility, these people have managed to stall serious foreign policy with China, such as the recent trade resolution.

For some odd reason, these people affect politics even though what they demand is unreasonable. Probably because the mixture of democracy advocation and an "oppressed" country always gets attention. Good job, biased media!