Zambuk is a herbal ointment used in the treatment of minor wounds, burns, insect bites, muscular pain and chapped hands/feet. This is one of those ‘miracle cure’ ointments that modern medicine has forgotten. It is an incredibly effective antiseptic salve made with all-natural products.

It is particularly effective in the prevention of infection of new tattoos. My tattoo had healed up enough for the scabbing to come off after only 1 week which is not bad at all.

It is comparatively cheaper next to most other products of a similar nature costing a grand total of R16, which is somewhere around 2 pounds(Sterling). It is available in most small retail outlets as well as various homeopathy shops.

I would recommend this product without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Each 100g contains:

  • Oil of Eucalyptus 5,03g

  • Camphor 1,81g

  • Oil of Thyme 0,50g

  • Oil of Sassafras 0,62g

    Zambuk is a product of Roche Products (PTY) LTD., 4 Brewery Street, Isando, South Africa.