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The end of February 2012 is near and I find myself inclined to join this site for the purpose of reading the interesting articles and possible to add something of interest myself.

I am 60 years of age, I live alone in a male rooming house/hotel in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia in Canada. People that I meet often ask me why do you live in that place. My reasons are simple, it meets my needs and allows me the time to pursue my interests in life. I am semi-retired and work part time with a friend that has a carpet cleaning business. I enjoy the work, but am not inclined to find a job doing it full time, what I earn supplements my pension and I get to spend hours and hours doing things like writing. Hopefully it will not shock you too much to learn that I write mostly pornography that deals with BDSM. I promise that I will not write anything pornographic here at this site.

I do write other stuff, such as my life story although that is the most difficult thing to write of anything I have tried. When you write about yourself, you are doomed to discover things about yourself that you may not like. My true goal in writing is to finish and publish two books that I am writing. One is hard core Science Fiction and the other is a Mystery novel. If this happens anytime soon, look for my works under my pseudo-name A.J.Baker.

The reason that my porn deals with BDSM is because I have lived in that lifestyle for more than half of my life. I have had several submissives that I trained for my own pleasure or for the use of others. To beat my own drum I am accomplished at this and while I currently (at the time of joining this site) am not training a girl, I am searching for my next one.

So, I am looking forward to meeting others here that are sharing their opinions and stories. Those of you who are curious have my permission to contact me, I am open to exchanges of ideas.

Now I do not intend to submit anything relating to that topic unless it is the only way I can explain an idea that I wish to get across. My life experience is what guides me and also what I know best, so you may find references hidden away that are there to make a point or enhance a visualization.

Please find it in yourselves to forgive me ahead of time if I step on your toes or if I disparage you by writing something that offends your delicate sensibilities.