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Philosophy is my day job. Here I like to do other stuff.
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Instead of typing my long name, you can /msg CGI.

NOTE: My dissertation gave me an ultimatum: either it goes or E2 goes. So I'll be checking in only every now and again. If you write to me, I will get back to you, it just might take a little while. (like a month or more)


Major project:
maintain & improve Great Women.
Please /msg alex with new people to put on the list, since I'm not here regularly enough to maintain it. Ten thousand hats off to alex for stepping in when I disappeared -- thank you, A. Just a reminder of what a wonderful place this is.
And do let me know when you've noded someone on the list so I can read it when I'm on. (I will get to them, it just might take a while.)

I don't downvote. Ever. Anyone.

I upvote excellent factual writeups furiously. Yes, yes indeedy. Sure do. Boy howdy. Shure nuff. Uh huh.
But I don't think votes are the best way of showing support/appreciation for a node (especially since I don't have many). Making lots of relevant softlinks is; these are the poor man's C!, and the exposure they give a node lasts longer than an C!.

Very cool thing: color photos from 1910, documenting life in pre-Revolution Russia. Check this out. Describes the process this guy invented for producing color images; shows images made with his negatives of architecture, people at work, etc.

In case you don't already know this: go to Content Rescue Team or Donation Box and make E2 a better place.

Future noding projects:
Silent Movies
Lotte Reiniger and The Adventures of Prince Achmed
Robert Flaherty and Nanook of the North
Zora Neale Hurston
Rwanda genocide
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
The Fairfield Four
jug band
Turkish landmarks and tourist apple tea
bilateral Duane's retraction syndrome
someday I'd like to do a node of traditional songs: campfire songs, sea chanteys, spirituals, work songs, cowboy songs, nonsense songs, call-and-response songs, jumprope songs, folk songs, drinking songs, ballads, holiday songs...
general philosophy reference material:
logical positivism, philosophy of science, analytic philosophy, standard editions & translations...David Lewis, moral relativism

Someone else should work on these:
a lot of musical instrument nodes could use work
Down from the Mountain
there's inadequate stuff on carnival sideshows and circus freaks
Daniel Boone
Hunchback of Notre Dame
how to whistle
does anyone know how to play the comb as a musical instrument?
slide whistle
shadow-puppet -- My wish is granted: see shadow theatre!
rhythm method-- My wish is granted: see fertility awareness!
there should be comprehensive first aid info here; Rancid Pickle has made a good start of it...

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