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If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, nothing worse will happen to either of you the rest of the day.
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Cincinnatus was a Roman born in 519 BC. He was first and foremost a farmer, but on two separate occasions was called up to be Magister Populi, in order to deal with a emergency war situation. Despite having near absolute power as Magister Populi, both times he dealt with the situation as quickly as possible, before absolving himself of all power, and return to life as a farmer. He considered a hero of Rome in the 400's BC, and George Washington is considered a modern day parallel. The Society of the Cincinnati is named for him, and in turn, the City of Cincinnati is named for the Society.

I did not choose Cincinnatus as a user name because of that, despite how noble it may sound. When I was in Latin class in High School, we were to pick Latin/Roman names for ourselves from a list. I chose Cincinnatus because it is reasonably close to mine own given name. I found out everything above while researching the correct spelling of it, since the last time I used it was in Latin class, 17 or so years ago.

I am a 33 year old Caucasian male, living and working in South Central Pennsylvania. I am married, and the father of two cats, two rabbits, and I'm step-father to a turtle.

I enjoy RPGs, computers, civil war re-enacting, and computers.

My Wife tells me she is going to give me a timer, to limit how long I spend on e2...

Update: (April 2009): I've been away for a while, but came back, and hope to spend some time writing. But not a lot. I'm 35 now, one the rabbits passed away, and we are expecting our first child in Nov.