today marks quite a special occasion for me.
five years ago, LadySun and i decided that this would mark the date we officially became a couple.
i'm still not sure why that day was decided.
it falls neatly in between valentine's day and her birthday. that helps.
the first time we saw each other after we made it official was March 21, 1997. it's possible we chose this date to make it one month from when we started dating.
how do you measure five years?
sixty months.
one thousand, eight hundred and twenty six days.
forty three thousand, eight hundred and twenty four hours.
two million, six hundred twenty-nine thousand, four hundred and forty minutes.
not that we spent them all together.
the first two years were spent on separate coasts, with one or both of us in college; part of it, we were even on separate continents.
and we managed to survive the distance and the time, going as many as five months without seeing each other.
our son was born in 1999.
later that year, i finally graduated and moved back to my hometown.
from then, we were rarely separated.
in late 2000, we started seriously living together, sharing first a twin bed in a small room in an apartment we shared with my mother, my aunt, her boyfriend, and three dogs. we later moved to a house in the Rockaways and up to a larger bed.
after numerous disasters, personal and otherwise, we moved to New Jersey, our first house together. a year ago today, i asked her to marry me. i didn't know her ring size, so i grabbed her thumb ring off of the TV and proposed to her, holding it out as my offering.
five years.
they haven't all been perfect. what can be, for so long?
we've had our share of fights. but they've been more than tempered by the love.
she's at work now. i won't see her again until late tonight
i think the wait will be worth it.
I love you with all i am, Jenny.