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It has come to my attention that some people are interested in knowing who/what/where/.. I am. First off, I do know that Chinchila is really spelled Chinchilla. It is a rather boring story so I will spare the masses of the details, but if you really want to know, send me a message some time. Second, I realize this may be a hard hit for most of you folks, but I really hate writing. There is a story behind that as well. Perhaps it will find it's way into a node some day.

(Mostly) Factual Stuff:

    I don't
  • eat animals
  • drink alcohol
  • put strange chemicals into my body
  • have a TV
  • avoid the rain
  • talk much

    I like
  • simple things
  • helping people
  • thinking
  • ones and zeros
  • cooking
  • music
  • living in Portlandia
  • scootering
  • creating "things"
  • big beautiful skies with little dots all over
  • to throw sacks, balls, mallets, clubs, scarves, and just about anything else that is appropriately weighted and balanced or weird.
If you are still wondering what I am, well, I will just let you draw your own conclusions. And if they aren't very conclusive, then I *might* be willing to provide hints.