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being me, and no one else
save nature, kill people
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I Was Born In Ashes Of Molten Hatred
Raised By Demons In Abodes Of The End
The Reapers Scythe I Fall Upon To Light My Path
Wrecked By Mangled Wounds of Life
I Have Become The Ressurection Of The Evil One
YKnow That I Don't Fucking Care If I Live Or Die

I Need A Bishop Preaching Fire To Get Away With My Sins
I Despise Everything I See So I Don't Give A Fuck If Ya
Hate Me

Ain't got respect for humanity
Never lived or wanted immortality
The Reaper's shadow I fall upon to obscure my path
Every day I'm being battered up until I bleed
You motherfuckas just leave me be
Ya could never give me cure for the pain I feel inside

Led by the Reaper I walk in the night
Show me the way to yer kingdom come

I believe in Armageddon,
I've been baptised in alcohol
I'm enbodyment of Antichrist
I'm living for my own demise

- "Hate Me" - Children of Bodom - album: Follow the Reaper