Eve 6 is also the name of a character in an episode of the television show The X-Files.

I have seen several rumors that this is, in fact, where the band got their name. According to rumor, they are huge X-Files fans, and used this obscure character as the name of the band.

In the episode, entitled "Eve", Mulder and Scully encounter two homocidal little girls, who are actually clones. They are the continuation of a government eugenics project, in which eight men and women were genetically engineered and cloned. The men were named "Adam", and the women were named "Eve". Eve 6 was one of three surviving clones from the project. She was locked up in a maximum security facility in a padded cell.

When the FBI agents meet her, she says she has to wear handcuffs and other restraints because she bit a prison gaurd's eyeball, "...as a show of affection."

Some inspiration for a band name, huh?