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I like to vote positively. In general, when I look at a writeup, if it's good, I'll vote it up. If it's not, I usually just skip it. Generally, I see upvoting as a reward for a wu well written. Down-voting, I generally reserve for writeups which are REALLY poorly done, or that I feel simply don't belong here. This philosophy may change as I get more votes per day, but for now, I prefer rewarding people who've done well over punishing people who've done poorly.

Personal Everything Timeline
March 28, 2000: Joined Everything2.
August 7, 2001: Made Level 2.
You see, the problem here is that I don't node a lot. I'm trying to shoot for quality, rather than quantity. Well, usually. Ok, so sometimes I make a stupid node. Who doesn't? I'm telling you, one of these days (unlikely) I'll become level up to the point that I 'll be able to control Klaproth (actually, is that a level power, or just a selected editor thing?). When/if that ever happens, lots of the old, really stupid nodes are gonna be eaten. That's probably why I'll never be trusted with that kind of firepower in here. ;-)

Stuff I'm proud of:

The Desecration of the Starship Enterprise
This is the first node I really tried hard on, and it seems to have paid off. It got 3C!s, and a lot of comments. At the time of this writing, it's my highest rated node. Of course, there are a lot of Star Trek fans around here, so that helped. Soon after, I wrote The Many Faces of the Original Series Starship Enterprise, which didn't do as well, but which I rather liked, myself.

hybrid-fuel rocket
Absolutely the most work I ever put into a node to this point. I had done a huge research paper on the subject, and decided to share some of the info. Not voted very high, but it was C!ed and I recieved some positive comments. At least people don't dislike it, even if it's not terribly popular.

I've noded all of the space shuttle orbiters:
Enterprise * Columbia * Challenger * Discovery * Atlantis * Endeavour

Noders I like
Ok, so I like you all - well, most of you ;-) - but these are a few noders who've been particularly helpful, nice, or whatever. Thank you.
The Custodian

rischi has some great nodes, and offers a cultural point of view that's not seen frequently here. Check him out!

Maybe some bookmarks will show up here.