A company that makes electronic music equipment, chiefly rackmount tone modules and samplers. I used to lust after Emu products like there was no tomorrow. Late last year, I finally bought one, an Audio Production Studio.

Emu created the soundfont technology used by Creative, and Creative subsequently acquired them. Creative then decided to redeploy Emu's engineering teams onto different projects, which left some of the Emu projects with no staff. One result of this is that the drivers for the Audio Production Studio are currently languishing, which is a crying shame because I want the new version.

People in the electronic music world see a problem with the acquisition because the target markets of Creative and Emu are so different. Emu targets musicians. producers and audiophiles. Creative targets gamers and the average computer user. So many people feel that Creative pulled Emu's engineers off of projects targeted at Emu's market and put them onto projects target at Creative's. They fear that this will mean the end of innovative products from Emu. So far, Emu's support for its rackmount systems still seems pretty good (but I probably wouldn't be aware of grumbling in that area, so I'd take that with a grain of salt) but their decision not to release the APS drivers has made a lot of APS owners very angry.