<Cue gromky music> The time is now. The early 21st Century.

The place is Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands of England. Remote from civilisation. Hell, the locals only just came to terms with the electric light and flush toilet.

The plot to overthrow the government and hostile furrin powers will be discussed at length, and doubtless our plans to recover other colonies will be reviewed.

On the 15th and 16th of February, many wonderful noders will descend on the city, to wreak havoc on an innocent population. They will meet in an historic local hostelry for refreshments and civilised chatter. Thereafter, many beers will be consumed and Dread Things discussed.

Some conspirators will be gathering from Friday evening, the 14th, where they will be welcomed at the palatial home of wertperch. They will come from all over the Kingdom, and may stay for the whole weekend, for further plotting and entertainment. Some crash space may be available, but it's on a FIFO basis, apply to wertperch.

Anyone travelling from Scotland and The North may be interested in 409's offer to bring people down on his way from Aberdeen.

Thus far we have confirmation of the following renegades:

wastrels who will not be in attendance (apparently, other things take precedence over revolution):
  • StrawberryFrog "would rather like to be there but have a prior engagement in Africa that weekend, what"
  • arieh "...occupied until at least the 16th..."
  • darl "Gah, feh, ench and barp...I have to be in goddamn italy. I mean, I ask you. Italy"
  • Berek "I'll have to give it a miss, sorry. :o("
  • spiregrain "I'm in Germany until March. Ho hum"
  • AnBolb "ahem, sorry...but I won't be there either...to compensate for my absence you must all promise to drink at least one extra Guinness"
  • evilrooster (possibly a spy, anyway)
  • will - we're down one weapons consultant...
  • Lady_Day - marching in London
  • Great Neb - seeing to the enemy in London
  • Albert Herring is in Belgium, so our cycle ninja crew are down one...
  • Oolong - ex-Political Officer on the same march as Lady_Day
  • diotina - ex-Morale Officer - now having to work that weekend
Discussions may take place in our Secret Hideout, if you wish to apply for membership of the group, ask The Boss...more details will follow here as we make 'em. Full directions and maps appear on my website.

This nodermeet brought to you by the makers of the Gunpowder Plot and the letter þ