Boris Grishenko is a character from the James Bond film, GoldenEye. Portrayed quite aptly by Scottish actor Alan Cumming, Boris is a playful pervert, constantly bombarding his coworker Natalya Simonova (played by Izabella Scorupco) with images, riddles, and passwords involving slang or derogatory words for parts of the female anatomy. If he were working in the United States, Boris would be a likely candidate for lawsuits involving sexual harassment. He also types with one hand, while subconsciously twirling a pen in the other.

Boris and his coworkers are employed by the Russian Army at the Severnaya installation, which is a military facility dedicated to the launching, deploying, targeting, guidance, and general operations of the GoldenEye satellite weapons. Boris is one of the lead programmers of the weapons' systems, is an accomplished hacker, and is part of General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov and Xenia Onatopp's plan to steal the weapon.

The role Boris plays in this becomes evident when Boris decides to take a smoke break exactly when Ourumov and Xenia come to steal the weapon, killing everyone who works at the facility (as far as they know). Natalya manages to survive, and lives to become the Bond Girl. Having been outside, Boris survives and joins his comrades.