Maybe it's a bad thing and maybe it's a good thing, but I don't like animals. Sure, some are cute. There are a select few that I might even like petting. The animals that I "like" are picked on an individual basis, too. Pictures of most are fine. But the intrigue of animals evades me. The enthusiasm shown towards animals by some people almost scares me.

It's not like I'm some case where you could look back and see that I hate animals because I was attacked by one or something. I liked them as a child. Somewhere along the lines, though, it just stopped. Any animal that can hurt me brings a sense of fear, but I can handle that fear. I don't think being scared of them is why I don't like most animals, because I hate some that are harmless too.

Many animals are pretty gross. Of course they are-most of them live in the wild. But that doesn't mean I have to like their dirty fur, scales, whatever. The diseases and other nasty small organisms they can carry disgust me.

In particular, dogs bother me. Most of the ones I've come into contact with have found it neccessary to jump up to greet me, perhaps drool, at times bark loudly and usually for no good reason, follow me around, even sniff in inappropriate places. Yes, I've met cute, well-behaved, even smart ones too. They hold no place in my heart. A cute picture of a dog, "Awww...". Being around them, petting a friend's dog, "Do I have to...". I know that for some people dogs can be their best friend, and that's very cool for them, but I find them to be gross and annoying.

A lot of animals are dumb, too. I know that some are exceptions, and there are reasons that animals are dumb. And yes, many animals are needed for humans to be alive, or do helpful things for the environment, etc. But I don't get the people who like these creatures (I don't just mean dogs) that only know that they are supposed to eat, drink, perhaps learn a few things from people, and procreate. Reflecting on all of these thoughts, I think I just don't see what the allure of liking animals might be.

PS To any animal lovers out there, I'm sorry if I've somehow offended you.