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A pause. And then,

"No, say it. You can't start a sentance and then say nevermind."
"Why not?"
"Its a rule."
"Since when?"
"Since two goddamn seconds ago, now tell me what you were going to say!"
"I dont know if I should."
"well, you should. say it."
"But you'll get mad!"
"Why the hell would I get mad!"
"Cause you just will!"
"I promise I wont."
"How do you know you wont? You dont even know what it was that I was gonna say."
"Yes, dammit."
"No, dammit."
"Dont make me kiss you."
"Ha! You wouldn't dare."
"Oh wouldnt I!"
"Yes, you wouldn't."

My eyes narrowed into slits of fake-rage.

"Yeah. You're right, I wont."
"Now tell me what the thing was."
"what thing?"
"that thing you said nevermind to!"
"i dont know what you're talking about"
"yes you damn well do!"
"no, i dont"
"yes, you do."
"no, i DONT!"
"i'm not giving up. I'm gonna keep pestering you till you tell me so you may as well tell me."

Another brief pause. She looked down at the ground, sighed, looked up at me, sighed again.

"Fine. I was going to say that I love you."

I blinked. Blinked again.

"Oh", said I.
"Oh", said she.

"And... how would that have made me mad?"
"Because I took this long to tell you."
"Oh. Yeah. You're right, I'm mad."
"But you promised you wouldn't beeeee!"
"Hmmm. Ok, I'm not mad."
"yes you are, I can tell."
"Why not?"
"You know why not"
"No I dont, tell me."
"No, nevermind."
"You cant do that!"
"Cant do what?"
"Say nevermind to something you start to say."
"Why the hell not?!"
"Cause its rule #7!"
"What the hell, the rules are NUMBERED now?"
"Well there's at least 7, one through seven, so yeah"
"I would kill you if I didn't love you so much"

She blinked. blinked again.

"You heard me."
"Is that what your nevermind was going to be?"

"Oh", she said.