Eve 6 is a rock band consisting of the members:
  1. Max Collins - vocals, bass
  2. Jon Siebels - guitar, vocals
  3. Tony Fagenson - drums, vocals
Their music has a decidedly punk feel, with the connation, of course, of lots of Offspring-ish yelling at times :-) They made it big (platinum big, that is) in 1998 with their single, "Inside Out". Their albums, so far, are Eve 6 (self-titled) and Horrorscope.

I've seen them once in my life: at the 2000 HFStival, they played on the outer stage; they were just about the best performance that day, causing me to miss Deftones (but, Eve 6 was worth it, and I didn't regret it!). I'd rate them as my second favorite band, after Beastie Boys -- and I have no reservations with saying the best album of 2000 has been Horrorscope!