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In the dimensions that I'm able to register, there seem to be about a couple of billion things that are remotely similar to me.

When I woke up, these similar things (who also call themselves collectively ‘people’) told me that I was somewhere tha.t 'we' call a 'country'. I didn't know for sure if I was part of ‘we’, but for convenience I have adopted their naming standards. I was told the ‘country’ I woke up in was called 'Holland' and 'The Netherlands'.

Only later I found out. that ‘people’ are odd in many other ways too. It appeared that there are other 'countries', but depending on where you originally woke up they will, or will not let you move through these places. So far, none of the ‘people’ have been abl.e to satisfactorily explain the reasoning behind this, and this is why I more and more doubt that I’m actually part of ‘we’.

At the moment I make most of my physical contact with planet Earth in Palo Alto, California, United States.