During my years alive, I have picked up many stories. Many of which (for some reason or another) had to do with frogs. Here are some fables (if my memory is correct) that I have picked up about these amphibians:

Lesson #1:There once was a frog who lived by a large deep pond. This frog was very mischievous, and played many pranks on his neighbors who lived near the pond as well.

One day, he decided to play a trick on a mouse. While she was sleeping he crept up on her, and tied both their feet together. When she woke up, he pretended he didn’t even notice there was another creature attached on to him. The mouse, being a small mouse, and the frog, being a big frog, joyfully hopped around with the mouse being dragged helplessly behind him.

It was a nice day, and instinctively, the frog wanted to go swim in the pond. And of course, the pour mouse was dragged along with him, desperately struggling to keep above water.

As they began to reach the deeper end of the pond, the squirming mouse caught the eye of a hawk, who was hovering over. The hawk was hungry, and dived down and picked up the mouse to bring to her nest. The frog, being attached to the mouse, was swiped up as well and eaten too.

Lesson: Crime never goes unpunished.

Lesson#2: A donkey, carrying a large load one day, fell into a puddle near a pond. He groaned in pain, not able to get up. A few frogs cam across it and said:

“What would you do if you had to live here always as we do, when you make such a fuss about a mere fall into a puddle of water?”

Lesson: Men often bear little grievances with less courage than they do large misfortunes.

more coming soon