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mission drive within everything
Keep hands and feet clear of rotating parts.
woodwork, recipe-free cooking, working on towers.
I am a professional, kids.
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Cold lentil salad
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Bodger is usually absent.

Why? School, mostly. If I ever get far enough ahead on my homework to start noding it, then boy howdy am I gonna node some homework. Especially one about halophiles. Meanwhile, have some breakfast.

Born to hippie back-to-the-landers, circa 1982. Lived on aforementioned land and watched the stars on the way to the outhouse every night. Learned 500 uses for Vise Grips. Read the dictionary at breakfast, tried to guess the etymologies before reading them. Moved to big city and began remembering to lock the car, 2003. Learned to like flush toilets, never. Ain't gonna happen.

If you ask, I'll say that I favor complete sentences, but I make no excuse for the previous paragraph.

I'll tell you about your typos if I catch them. Please tell me about mine.

In progress:

Will outline the various kinds of rake and their uses. Currently untyped in mental first draft. Thanks to Rootbeer277 for the suggestion.

To node:

George Washington's Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Ladies Association
Anne Pamela Cunningham
Admiral Vernon
Ginger Ale
Apple Cider and related phenomena
Food Allergies and cooking, especially more about alternatives to wheat
Rolled Oats (As of 27 Feb 2004, this is a nodeshell. Let's fix that, foodies!)
Machines, wood, and the like:
Bicycle Touring
Shaving Horse
Where not to put an oil filter
Tree Pruning
Aermotor Co.
Why Blues music doesn't have to be depressing

Hey, if you node something on this list (or related to it), /msg me so I can read up. I can't offer bribes (don't have any votes to throw around yet), but I'll tell you how cool it is anyway...

Also, if you have corrections, additions or places you couldn't tell what the hell I was talking about for any of my existing writeups, /msg me about those as well. I'll give you full credit, especially for corrections that make me look bad.

Experts Agree…

<kthejoker> Bodger gets a 3.1 - a 4.1 for explaining his e2 philosophy, -1 for apologizing.

allseeingeye holds Bodger up to the light. Hmm. This noder is still pretty fresh, but it smells of kittens.

<doyle> And the sooner bodger leaves, the sooner I can work on getting this chant out of my head.

<drownzsurf> Bodger: get a haircut.

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