Nickname for the University of Florida's football stadium (official name is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field). Located on UF's campus in Gainesville, Florida.

The Swamp is considered by many to be the loudest and most raucous home field in all of college football. The fierce atmosphere, along with the heat and humidity, gives the host Gators a big advantage over visiting opponents.

According to, the name "The Swamp" was first used in 1991 by Florida coach Steve Spurrier. The site goes on to quote Spurrier as saying "The swamp is where Gators live. We feel comfortable there, but we hope our opponents feel tentative. A swamp is hot and sticky and can be dangerous."

The seating capacity is anywhere from 83,000-85,000, depending on the source. Earlier in 2001, construction of skyboxes and more club seats began. All work is expected to be completed by 2003, bringing the seating capacity of The Swamp to 90,000.

The stadium was originally constructed in 1930 (capacity 21,769).

GTKY content: As I will be going to grad school at UF in the fall, I'll gladly be a part of the loud, rowdy, obnoxious home fans. Yay.