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I'm here to bring a little order to the chaos.
I mostly just bring chaos to my life.
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What the hell did that stupid alcoholic do to my wallet!?!
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I was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, the most beautiful place in the world. I have traveled most of the country. Have lived on the East coast, West coast, and smack in the middle in St. Louis. Which was probably the stinkiest, dirtiest pit I've ever seen this side of Hell. I now live and work and become educated (off and on), write and get drunk and have adventures in my little 'ol Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea, a trend that I hope to continue until they pile my body onto a raft with all of my belongings, soak me in kerosene, light me, and set me adrift on an out-going tide on splendiferous Katchemak Bay.


  • Little Bird: while flying around, being happy
  • Baby Death: while stomping around, being angry
  • Ferret: I'm somewhat nosey and have a knack for figuring things out
  • Brat: by people who love me enough to get away with it
  • Swizzle Stick: my family thinks that I need to gain weight
  • Peanut: as in peanut gallery
  • Darlin': by people who I love enough to let get away with it
  • Captain Crash Carlson: by anyone whose ever "made the rounds" with me