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Owner/Operator of AG Racing. Grew up in the pits of the Fremont, CA dragstrip (WAY before Baylands, if you are in the know). Had many hours of talks with youn drivers like Don Prudhomme, Big Daddy, Cha Cha (sorry Shirley, I know you hate that) Muldowney, Roland Leong, 'Jungle' Jim Lieberman, Ed the Ace (hehe), Wild Willy Borsch (drive with TWO hands, will ya?), etc. They were great days. I love watching our hours of 8 and 16 mm films of the great ones. I wouns up here on a quest for the ratio of bleach to water for an olf fashioned bleach burnout. I'd love to try something except just water in the T/A rail my daughter runs. In secret, on a closed strip day, of course. I realized that you guys are mostly too young to REALLY know about bleach burnouts. There is NOTHING in this life that gives a greater 'high' than tha smell of bleach, burning rubber and nitro methane. Do a web search of Jungle Jim and check out his bleach burnouts.....over an 1/8th of a mile, often hot enough to catch the rubber on fire, if you havent been there in person, at least get your mind blown by the master's control of a funny car in the days WITHOUT computers, where Jim tuned his own car and is basically the Big Daddy of funny cars. You won't be sorry.... Peace.