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Well, it took long enough, but I finally have a job! I finished with class Feb. 28th, graduated officially on May 18th, and have been working as a contractor in the IS department of EMC since Oct. 2nd. Don't worry...I'm guarenteed not to be one of the layoffs that were announced just days after I started working here. I'm contracted on a quarterly basis, so I'm good until the end of the year. Beyond that, well, who knows. Chances are good that I can get my contract renewed. Getting hired permanently? Well, that's another matter entirely...

In the meantime, I have a job that I actually enjoy so far. I sit at a computer and answer phone calls and emails all day, giving tech support and putting requests through. It pays decently...if I get hired full-time by EMC, I'll get a better salary and some bennies, but for now, I'm just glad to be working. Besides, I get a high-speed net connection all day, and the last three hours or so are usually pretty slow, so I can do online crosswords, IM, and post my random rants here once again. :)